Quick start guide to connecting to a Loco Remote

Click this link for the full Wi-Fi connection and controller operation guide

Android with Chrome browser is on the left
Apple iOS is with Safari browser is on the right

1. Open your Wi-Fi settings and find and connect to your Loco Remote access point. This one is called Clayton Tom 78, but the initial default is loco_xxxxxxxx where x are numbers and letters. The default password is locoremote. Comments about weak security and no internet connection are fine. This is a closed connection between the Loco Remote and phone with no access to the internet / world wide web at all. If you do not get "Connected" in Android or a blue tick in iOS, then it is NOT connected and nothing below will work. Open your web browser. With Samsung devices you may need to use Chrome, Firefox or another browser, as the Samsung browser does not always work. If you can't get connected then please email locoremote@gmail.com

2. Previously you would have typed locoremote.co.uk/v1 in your web browser for the control interface. If you now do this and you get this screen then the browser thinks you want the world wide web and it is trying to connect to a secure https website. The Loco Remote generates a website completely independently of the world wide web and so you will get this error. The new way to access the Loco Remote interface is in from step 3.

3. Type in the browser. This is the IP address of the Loco Remote.

4. Tap enter/go and you should now get the normal Loco Remote control interface. It will show /v1/ automatically. If you do not see this then the phone is not connected to the Loco Remote Wi-Fi access point in step 1.

5. To set Loco Remote as an "app" accessible from your home screen tap on the icons circled.

6. This will bring up a list of options. Find (you may need to scroll) "Add to Home Screen" and tap it.

7. It will already be named Loco Remote. Tap on Add.

8. You will see an "app" icon appear on your home screen called Loco Remote. It is actually a link to your web browser with the address In future AFTER you have connected your Loco Remote (step 1 above) you can tap this to go straight to the control interface.

9. To access the settings such as change loco name, type in the browser.

10. Tap enter/go and you should now get the Loco Remote settings options. For more information please click this link for the full Wi-Fi connection and controller operation guide