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Loco Remote Mini B with lights in a HGLW Wittenberg Schafer

The Mini B is the controller of first choice for all 3V to 6V motors where space allows as it is able to supply up to 1.6A to the motor. Here it is in a Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works Wittenberg Schafer kit together with a large 1200mAh Lipo battery. The video shows the wide range of speeds available, either with a quick click on the gear buttons or via the slower/faster buttons, as well as the very smooth Coast to a Stop. The controller is an old iPod with the name customised to Wittenberg Schafer - a great use for devices that may be lurking unused in a drawer.

Loco Remote Maxi in an Accucraft Baguley Drewry

The Maxi is for all 6-12V motors. It has very fine speed control and immediate response in this 12V Accucraft Baguley. The controller is an old iPod with the name Accucraft Baguley.

Loco Remote Slim in a Phil Sharples Simplex

The Slim is the thinnest controller for small 3V motors. Here it is in a Phil Sharples Simplex. filmed as it works its way with a few skips along the garden line.

Loco Remote with Apple VoiceOver for visually impaired users

For visually impaired users, the Loco Remote control interface is compatible with Apple VoiceOver and Google Android TalkBack and can also be operated from large iPad and Android tablet screens.

Diesel sound card comparison using a Loco Remote Maxi Sound

A Loco Remote Maxi Sound is putting 4 diesel engine sound cards ranging from around £17 to £70 through their paces using the same speaker. All of these cards will provide proportional engine rev sound with any Loco Remote Maxi or Mega. The MyLocoSound and Mtroniks have additional start/stop and horn features which can be controlled only from the Loco Remote Maxi Sound.

Controlling 4 locos from one phone

A Mini is in a Phil Sharples Hudson, a Slim in a Phil Sharples Simplex, a Mini with lights is a Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works Wittenberg Schafer and a Maxi in an Accucraft Baguley Drewry. It is really easy to control all 4 locos from the single controller. When you switch between them you immediately know which is which as their names are shown both in the Wi-Fi settings and on the display. There is no limit to the number of Loco Remote modules a single device can control.

Loco Remote Mini with lights running from 2 devices simultaneously

A Loco Remote Mini with lights is connected to 2 devices (an iPad and iPod) and simultaneously updating both! You can log onto the same Loco Remote from multiple devices through the Wi-Fi settings if you wish. The displays of all are updated in real time showing speed and battery level. Any device can issue a command. This can be helpful if you have an inexperienced person controlling it from one phone and you can press Stop from your phone to immediately halt the loco and prevent an accident if necessary. Think of this as similar to the dual controls in a driving instructor's car.