The new 4 motor Mega 4 - smooth, powerful and compact

Click on the photo to see the Loco Remote Mega 4 powering a Bowaters Models Gauge 1 Class 33 with a heavy load and at high speed.

Loco Remote is the smooth and easy way to add sophisticated remote control for any 3V to 12V battery loco

The Loco Remote system is made up of a very small electronic module that fits in the loco, and a controller interface that the module generates on a Wi-Fi device such as a smartphone.

  • Any modern Wi-Fi enabled device can be used as a controller, including Apple iPhones and iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

  • The Loco Remote module creates its own unique, password protected, long range Wi-Fi access point. You can customise the name for each loco. This is completely independent of other Wi-Fi networks such as your home Wi-Fi network and so can be used anywhere. Think of it like connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network in a coffee shop.

  • It generates a robust, real time 2 way interactive user interface on the device with absolutely no special apps to download. Speed and battery level are continuously updated on the display.

  • As well as very fine speed control with smooth acceleration and deceleration, Loco Remote can optionally provide directionally switched LED lighting and support for external sound cards as well as an internal sound card. See the Guide & Shop page for a growing list of loco sound samples.

  • You can control as many locos as you like from one phone and even control the same loco from multiple phones simultaneously.

  • For visually impaired users, the Loco Remote control interface is compatible with Apple VoiceOver and Google Android TalkBack and can also be operated from large iPad and Android tablet screens such as the Amazon Fire.
Take a look round our website to get an idea of what Loco Remote can offer and to see which module is compatible with specific locos. Purchase securely using PayPal from the Guide & Shop.

Loco Remote has been designed in the UK by Chris Rennie, an experienced electronics engineer and garden railway enthusiast. Please contact us by email if you would like further help and information.

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Click on the photos to see videos of Loco Remote in action

Free 32mm and 45mm gauge 3D printed track stl files

Do you fancy seeing how tight a radius you locos will negotiate? Download our free 3D printable stl files for your personal use only. Print at 100% (i.e. as supplied) for 32mm gauge and 140% for 45mm gauge. They are basic and not guaranteed to work with every loco, but hopefully will be good for your short wheelbase 4 wheel locos and skips.

Click to see videos of the track in use. Micro layout (pictured) with rack track and tipper unloader and 3 locos with Loco Remote
3 other videos: Video 1, Video 2 and Video 3

Free coal bunker for Roundhouse Millie

Would you like to hide the gas tank on your Millie? Download our free 3D printable stl files for your personal use only. There are two versions either with printed coal or without so you can add your own real coal. I printed mine in PLA+ but beware that this can warp in hot sun so PETG may be better.