Loco Remote compatibility with different locos

To help you decide which Loco Remote is right for you, please scroll through the compatibility table listing locos from many different manufacturers.

Models in green have been checked to work with Loco Remote with Y indicating which module sizes fit. Note that all the bare chassis from the different manufacturers will work, but the fit obviously depends what body you decide to add!

Models in black should work, the only question being which module would fit. A ? indicates the most likely but this is not guaranteed. If you have fitted a Loco Remote into one of these, or indeed any other model, do please contact us by email and let us know so we can update the list for everyone.

Models in blue are just too small to fit a Loco Remote in their body (though if you manage to achieve this please let us know!). However the motors of all could be controlled using a dedicated wagon housing the Loco Remote and battery. Simon Fletcher wrote an article on a Power and control car for very small locos for the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers on how to do this.

We are working very closely with a number of leading kit manufacturers to ensure Loco Remote is fully compatible with their products. These include Peter Farley at PDF Models, David Hippey at Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works, Jon Reeves at Bowaters Models, Phil Sharples at P.S. Models, Alistair Lofthouse at ALD Models,Steve Blackmore at Bole Laser Craft Nilanjan Paul at PLine and Keith Collins at 3D Loco Works. We have produced some guides to fitting it to some of their kits.
A number of people have successfully fitted the Loco Remote Maxi to LGB and Piko G scale locos using 10 x AA NiMH batteries or a 11.1V (3s) Lipo battery. These locos are designed to work with a power supply of up to 24V, so running them on half this does reduce the top speed of the loco. However if you have a small to mid sized loco they work well and go surprisingly quickly using a Loco Remote Maxi with 12V batteries as shown in this video of a LGB 2090 kindly shared by customer Emmett Lodge from the USA.

Links to loco manufacturers